Store Energy Management System

Increasing competition and falling profit margins have led store owners to use more efficient and controllable products. Preferred products are usually Led lighting, Inverter air conditioner and A + certified white goods. The biggest problem with saving projects is that you do not know where and how much you spend. Your consumption comes at the end of the month with an electricity bill. You may not be able to analyze the effect of the last month of the work you have done for saving on your bill.

With EnerClever, you can monitor your energy expenditure separately (Lighting, Air Conditioning, Plugs, Refrigerators, Machines etc.) Thus you can monitor the total consumption of your stores daily and monthly. You can determine the correctness of the bills that the utility company will charge you. You can compare the energy efficiency of your business with the same m2. By comparing the electrical devices of different brands you are using, you can make purchases with high savings. You can turn the energy of your store on / off remotely. You can turn on / off the outdoor lighting signage at any time. With this solution, you can save 25% to 40% electricity savings in your business.