VRV & VRF Air Conditioning Systems

In recent years, the use of air-conditioning systems with variable heat recovery has become widespread in air conditioning applications that require heating and cooling at the same time, instead of four-pipe and aqueous systems.

Because these systems can provide up to 30% energy savings in the building’s annual heating / cooling energy expenditure. Even the control of the simplest split air conditioner requires serious electronic control equipment and software. The software continually processes the data obtained from specific points on the system to provide optimal working conditions. In VRV / VRF systems the control process is much more complicated.

The control system determines the fluid flow to be sent to that room in accordance with the heating or cooling requirements demanded by each room, allowing the compressor to operate under the appropriate conditions.

The control system allows the devices to work independently or together.

Manage your VRV & VRF air conditioning systems in your premises from anywhere.

What you can do with VRV & VRF

  • See when your external units work
  • How many indoor units are connected to your outdoor units?
  • When did your inner units blow hot or cold?
  • Immediate reporting of failures and maintenance times in your external unit and internal units
  • Remote management of indoor and outdoor units and fixation to specified degree

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